The "Times" Fiendish Su Doku: Fiendish por Wayne Gould

Titulo del libro : The "Times" Fiendish Su Doku: Fiendish
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 20, 2006
Autor : Wayne Gould
Número de páginas : 320
ISBN : 0007232535
Editor : Times Books

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Wayne Gould con The "Times" Fiendish Su Doku: Fiendish

A collection of 200 previously unpublished Fiendish Su Doku puzzles. Perfect for the expert solver in need of a constant supply of ultra-difficult puzzles. Guaranteed to provide hours of absorbing, brain-stretching entertainment. Since the first Su Doku puzzle appeared in The Times in November 2004, they have become a phenomenon, with over 4 million copies of The Times Su Doku books sold worldwide. You don't need to be a mathematical genius to solve these puzzles; it is simply a question of logic. Each puzzle has a unique solution - and there's no guesswork required. The Times Su Doku remains the original, the best and the market leader. The puzzles are provided by Wayne Gould, the man who started it all.