Ingenio y Pasion por Silvia Leal Martin

Ingenio y Pasion por Silvia Leal Martin

Titulo del libro : Ingenio y Pasion
Autor : Silvia Leal Martin
ISBN : 8483568187

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Silvia Leal Martin con Ingenio y Pasion

In a world where success is increasingly more fleeting, organizations and persons who aspire to succeed need to incorporate innovation as part of their lifestyle. Nevertheless, how can you promote innovative behavior? Ingenuity and Passion provides an effective methodology and is an indispensable tool for entrepreneurs, managers and teams needing to invent and reinvent themselves to find the momentum to transform within its own driving force. This provides the diagnostic tools and guidelines for implementation and the lessons learned by hundreds of companies and professionals that have succeeded or failed in this attempt. Thanks to them, this shows how to effectively manage three essential dimensions: people, organization and motivation, considering the genre differences at all times. This effective methodology, which has been echoed by international publications such as Forbes, allows you to deal with innovation in a way that is both rigorous and practical, making companies and professionals grow in spite of the turbulence; building conditions that guarantee, beyond survival, a good dose of success. Innovation."

Silvia Leal Martin is a doctor and an expert in New Technologies and Innovations. She has occupied positions of influence in the business and academic worlds. She is the academic director of Innovation and Technology programs of the IE Business School, a board member of COINET, and an adviser to the European Commission for Agenda Digital and e-Skills. She is a researcher, consultant and lecturer."

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